Say hola! to a new life for you and loved ones, in a house so beautiful, a place of warmth. Crafting a tale worth sharing as it grows in a home where bonds are formed.

This home you’ll call your pride and joy, and for friends and families a very special place. Finding in discoveries tucked in the everyday magic that brings a smile to your face.

For the world may at times seem stressful, but beneath lies enormous beauty to behold. And here’s a haven for your future stories, the fables still unwritten and untold.

With beautiful objects and Eva’s creations around to accompany families and sunny skies above, OLÁ’s blessed to have you with us, and we welcome all to join this wondrous love.

We stay and be with you in this casa — These words, to stand the test of time. For we can’t wait to hear you exclaim: “Magnífico!” when you live the tale shared in this rhyme.

OLÁ: Inspired Living

Welcome to a new way of living, where nature and Spanish art interweave with everyday magic for days filled with wonder and discovery. Here you will find an alchemy of craft and whimsy within contemporary architecture and modern Spanish aesthetics, as inspired by Spanish themes and lauded illustrator Eva Armisén.

Something new awaits at every corner — hidden patios within lush greenery, cascading pools of water, a boardwalk meandering through a living space filled with light and possibility. Here at OLÁ, you can imagine magical days, dancing with a loved one in golden sunset, breathing in the tranquility of an enclave you make your own.

Let your imagination take flight. Say hello to your new life with OLÁ.

“Everything you can imagine is real.”
– Pablo Picasso

Live Inspired
Inspiration isn’t something you go seeking. It doesn’t come when called. It’s elusive when you search for it. It’s hidden in nooks and corners, slippery to hold.

Inspiration comes knocking at the most unexpected moments… An evening stroll, a coffee date, or cycling at the park or maybe it’s something that captures your senses: the vivid hues of sunset in an uninterrupted skyline or the salty breeze cooling your face.

Inspiration is something that comes to you, when you know what you need, and have what you want.

It’s in the everyday.
It’s here, waiting for you at OLÁ.

The Motif
As a tribute to craftsmanship and attention to detail, the motif you see throughout the development uses minimalist lines to form a contemporary sense of refinement that defines living in OLÁ.

How many artistic interpretations of the motif can you spot in OLÁ?

Mañana: Living For Tomorrow
Life at OLÁ can be as relaxed or as vibrant as you want. Embrace the philosophy of “mañana”, Spanish for tomorrow, and don’t take things too seriously. Whether it’s carving out a cosy nook for a luxurious cat nap, or creating an environment where spontaneity is welcomed, an inspired life is a state of mind. So loosen up, have a siesta or two and enjoy your new home with a drink in hand.

Well-earned Siesta
The secret to Spain’s easy-going lifestyle might lie in their love for the siesta – an afternoon nap during the hottest hours of the day. Here are three tips to make the most of your forty winks.

Cultivate a habit
Studies have shown that siestas are particularly useful if done regularly. So make sure to set aside some time every day.

Keep it short
26 minutes seems to be the sweet spot if you want to avoid any post-nap lethargy.

Find your space
Quiet, dark corners are great places to get comfortable and drift off. Nap experts recommend settling into a soft sofa or chair instead of a bed, so that you don’t fall asleep too deeply.

A recipe for a refreshing afternoon
No afternoon siesta at OLÁ is complete without a cold drink by your side. Trade your usual jug of iced tea sangria for tinto de verano, one of Spain’s best-kept secrets.

Step One
Place 3 to 4 ice cubes in a tall glass

Step Two
Mix half a glass of red wine with half a glass of lemon or lime soda

Step Three
Salud! Now toast to a lifetime of inspiring conversations and sweet memories

Life as inspiration: Eva Armisén
Where did great artists such as Picasso, Dalí, Goya and Miró get their inspiration from to create the masterpieces that continue to touch many long after their time? Let Eva Armisén, the Spanish artist behind the iconic paintings in OLÁ, bring us into her world of art and inspiration.

A Day At The Carnival, 2017 by Eva Armisén

Spanish artist Eva Armisén never looked back after picking up a paintbrush when she was 12. The self-professed “shy” girl found painting a better medium of expression than writing, and a teacher she met further opened up possibilities of the worlds she could access through art.

“She taught me the joy of having something blank, perhaps a piece of paper or just my mind, and filling it by creating a new universe,” Eva says.

“Painting also showed me the power that came from creating parallel worlds where the real and the imagined can coexist. It’s a power I’ve never been able to abandon ever since discovering it. I firmly believe that it can save us from everything.”

Did You Know?
Eva Armisén has created several publicity campaigns and has collaborated with brands like Coca-Cola, O’2nd, SkinFood Cosmetics, and Samsung.

Eva loves to spend time in the countryside as it reminds
her of childhood trips to the park with her parents.
Spending A Day In The Fields, 2017 by Eva Armisén

Her works today are recognisable around the world for her whimsical portraits of everyday life, brought alive with a bright but nuanced palette of colours, reminiscent of a surrealist sort of folk-art. Often featuring variations of a core self-portrait — a girl with thick dark hair, cheeks daubed with a light rosiness, an enigmatic smile on her face, Eva brings back elements of whimsy and wonder through her portraits of life. “I feel that the world we live in is too stressful and that there should be something which shows us things with more optimism,” Eva says. “Sometimes there are too many ugly things and fear which can manipulate and paralyse us.”

“I like to talk about hope, because I think you can always find the positive side in everything.”

“Getting together around the table is a meeting where
stories and intimacies are shared, and I paint these
scenes to keep the moment in memory.”
A Party, 2016 by Eva Armisén

There is no mundanity in Eva’s works — only moments to be shared and celebrated. Eva’s ability to communicate the extraordinary in our everyday expands beyond the canvas to different mediums in which her emotions reside. Family, love, and togetherness are usually the focal themes in her art, whether in the form of paintings, public art installations and sculptures, even digital animations.

Mom is a Haenyeo (엄마는 해녀입니다) / Illustrations of the Jeju diver
women in South Korea in a children’s storybook. Image by Eva Armisén
Eva has exhibited multiple times in countries including Hong Kong, Korea,
California, Shanghai, and Barcelona. Image by Eva Armisén.

While the characters in her paintings appear simple, Eva’s works are by no means simplistic. Her approach expresses the emotion in her portraits in the most direct way, bringing alive fundamental elements and reducing unnecessary embellishment: “I pay attention to small things around us, things we may think are normal because we have them every day. But we will feel really bad and lonely if they are missing one day. Life will be really different.”

“My works talk about that. Little things that are really important: taking care of your beloved ones, and be aware of what you have around.”

Inspiration for Eva comes from every corner, and becomes a personal inquiry into her own emotions and experiences. The organic flow in her creative process makes the act of painting a constant journey of discovery for Eva herself: “To me, every painting has its own story. You create something from nothing and then it has its own life, and in turn it creates other stories. They have a life which is totally different from what I had imagined, and often it’s much better, it’s fantastic.”

Eva’s characters come alive in many forms, including real-sized sculptures. Image by Eva Armisén.
Eva Armisén in her workshop. Image by Eva Armisén.
A peek into Eva’s home studio in Spain. Image by Eva Armisén.
LP Cook, 2015 by Eva Armisén

Living an Inspired Life
Tips from Eva Armisén on discovery, wonder, and creativity around us in the everyday.

Let’s Go, 2018 by Eva Armisén

Q. Would you be able to share more about what creativity and imagination means to you?
Both creativity and imagination always give me a window in a closed space. Your imagination can change the state of things in reality. This activates curiosity and experimentation, and there’s no turning back once you experience how creativity can change what’s around you. I can find a situation that makes me think that creativity and imagination saves us almost every day. We tend to think that creativity and imagination are linked to art, but it’s really about not letting our thoughts stagnate. It’s what makes us move forward in everything we do.

Q. How about art?
Art is a shelter and a place I can always return to and find calm or encouragement. I’ve always felt protected and at ease creating. It’s also where I am always surprised, and connecting with the creations of other artists makes me feel alive. From them, I find different points of view that generate questions in my mind and arouses my emotions. Art is both an engine and my comfort zone, but it also shows me my limits.

Q. How would you describe art to someone else?
Art sends different signals and each person receives them in a unique way. Some appeal to you and others go unnoticed. I think you just have to get close to the signals and let the rest happen. We all fear that sensitivity. That is why it is so important that we approach art, literature, all sorts of creativity at an early age. It always turns on the lights.

Q. What is the process of creating art like to you?
Many times I start with a word. Sometimes I start with one idea but it keeps changing while I am working and you can see all the stages when it is finished. I have the feeling of receiving signals that force me to do what I do, like matches that cause a spark to ignite. When I get stuck, I keep painting even if I don’t know what I am doing or where I am going. It works and finally I find the way out. I follow the thread where it takes me.

Q. Where do you find your inspiration from?
I often use family as the backbone to tell both joint and individual stories. The characters in my stories are not always real. Some are built along the way. I also observe and take notes of everything. My studio is full of thousands of notebooks that can become inspiration when I want to start a specific project. I work every day not to lose my curiosity.

Q. And what does your art mean to you?
I consider myself a very lucky woman to have my art. I think it is a privilege to be able to document the emotions and return when I need them, and I can see perfectly how I was feeling at the time I did each of my work. Art doesn’t fool me and I appreciate that.

Q. What do you hope your work can bring to those who come across it?
I received many messages from people who connect with my work. I find it so extraordinary that others can connect with their own feelings through my art. I do not ask for anything else — only for those who encounter art, to value and enjoy it.

Did You Know?
The painting you see at OLÁ’s Culinary Cabana is an exclusive artwork created by Eva to capture the feeling of home.

Lalala, 2018 by Eva Armisén

“Nothing is art if it does not come from nature. But man does not create… he discovers.”
– Antoni Gaudi

Live Conscious
Living well is more than 150 minutes of exercise per week or daily servings of fruits and vegetables. It’s about seeing our wellness of your body in a holistic way that recognises how the body and mind works and affects each other. It’s about working with nature to create a lifestyle that nourishes our body, mind and soul. It’s about living your best, in a way that works best for you.

This starts from being conscious about your own needs. Practising mindfulness in the everyday is the next step in making small but lasting improvements in a way that doesn’t feel forced, and that works for you. You’d be surprised by how simply paying attention to the things you do changes perspective, even if the buzz and rush of modern life makes mindfulness hard to reach.

Living conscious with OLÁ is about making wellness so easy that you can do it without thinking. Plenty of nature and parks give reason to make morning jogs and evening walks a habit. Even closer to home are swimming pools, indoor gyms, and classes from dance to yoga, zumba to cycling. With how much happier you feel each day, you’ll find yourself looking forward to jumping out of bed each morning.

So breathe in, and breathe deep.
Say hello to a new life here at OLÁ.

There’s no need to travel far and wide to find new things to do. With a 26km-long North Eastern Riverine Loop right at your doorstep, you can be sure to find hidden spots and nature adventures on what is probably one of the most scenic park connectors in Singapore.

All these and more can be found on our Ultimate Nature & Adventure Trail, chockful of possible routes that will delight even the biggest homebody. Best of all, an abundance of amenities and F&B options around ensure that no rumbling tummies will go unsatisfied during a long ride. It’s time to enjoy the great outdoors!

  • Sengkang Riverside Park
    Did you know that the wood of the mangosteen tree is used in carpentry and construction work? Or that the fruit of the Elephant Apple tree can be eaten fresh or pickled? Discover these and more in the Fruit Tree trail with a total of 16 exotic fruit trees such as custard apple, pomelo, lychee, and asam fruit. After that, explore the rest of Sengkang Riverside Park’s greenery and steep yourself in nature — spot pretty butterflies, dragonflies and damselflies, birds like the Purple Heron, Collared Kingfisher and Little Tern, and even the resident turtles making their way slowly around the wetland’s ponds. Don’t forget your selfie by the giant mangosteen shelter at Singapore’s largest man-made floating wetland.

    See if you can spot: Butterflies, Dragonflies, Damselflies, Sea otters, Mangrove birds

    Overall distance: About 2.5km
    Highlights: Fruit Trail, Wild Birds, Otters, Dragonflies, Giant Mangosteen Shelter. Food options, water points, bike rental, toilets and parking lots are available.
Sengkang Riverside Park
  • Punggol Promenade Riverside Walk
    Like Sengkang Riverside Park, the Punggol Promenade Riverside Walk is well-paved and especially great for families. The 1km boardwalk stretch offers a safe area for little kids to learn cycling by the backdrop of the scenic Serangoon Reservoir, while a multitude of food options and easy bike parking makes it a popular resting spot. The Container Park is also in close proximity for those who fancy some beers to round off hot afternoons.

    Overall distance: About 1km
    Highlights: Well-paved boardwalk by the river, fitness corner, Container Park F&B cluster. Water points, toilets and parking lots are available.
  • Lorong Halus Wetland
    Lorong Halus Wetland is a hidden gem of tranquility with its serene ponds and field of tall reeds. This spot is perfect for a picnic while birdwatching and spotting the occasional fighter jet overhead, and is also a valuable educational experience — once a garbage landfill larger than 100 football fields, the wetland marsh is today a natural ecosystem built upon the original landscape. This means that natural elements, such as reeds, are also part of the filtering process!

    Overall distance: About 1km
    Highlights: Natural eco-system, lots of photo opportunities by the reeds and the bridge. Toilets and parking lots are available.
Lorong Halus Wetland
  • Coney Island park
    Coney Island needs no introduction. This island is an instant weekend getaway best reached via bicycles, and explored on foot for those unused to riding on gravel tracks. With five differently themed beaches, mangroves, an eco-pond, a bird hide, and an adventure area constructed from natural and recycled materials, it’s a place to return to for full afternoons of exploration and discovery. Don’t forget the sunblock and insect repellent!

    Overall distance: About 4km
    Highlights: Beaches, mangroves, eco-pond, adventure area. Eco-toilets are available.
Coney Island Park
  • Punggol Point Walk
    This boardwalk area is part of the 5km long Punggol Promenade North Eastern Park Connector network that ends up in Punggol Park, and has multiple segues to the jetty, a riverside walk, and a nature walk. You can choose to stay on the 1km bike path and spend the day at Punggol Jetty to watch anglers mingle with skaters, or meander through greenery and biodiversity along the coastlines. A skyline with Pulau Ubin and Johor Straits makes for plenty of good photo-ops.

    Overall distance: About 1 to 5km
    Highlights: Punggol Jetty, Nature Walk, Riverside Walk, along with playgrounds and fitness stations. Food options, water points, bike rental, toilets and parking lots are available.
  • Punggol Waterway Park
    This tranquil riverside park also has a water playground, and play area, a bridge and grassland areas perfect for picnics and photo-ops. Nature enthusiasts will love the rich wildlife and biodiversity here — think birds, dragonflies, and butterflies flitting between bushes. With SAFRA Punggol and Waterway Point within walking distance, the waterway is also a convenient endpoint for those tired from a full day exploring the outdoors.

    Overall distance: About 3km
    Highlights: Jogging and cycling tracks, water playground, rich biodiversity for birdwatchers and nature lovers. Food options, water points, bike rental, toilets and parking lots are available.
Punggol Waterway Park

Sengkang Sports Centre
Sengkang Hockey Field, Sengkang ClubFITT Gym, Sengkang Sports Hall, Sengkang Swimming Complex

This is a great place to end a long traipse outdoors on weekends. Choose to end the day with a refreshing dip from the choice of five swimming pools and eight water slides, a gym and indoor sports hall for a light cool-down, or a beer and bites at Citrus Bistro or Legend Cafe before watching Singapore’s national hockey teams train at the Sengkang Hockey Stadium. What’s even better? It’s just a 12-minute walk from your doorstep.

• 2 newly re-turfed/water-based hockey pitches
• Official training ground for National Hockey teams
• The only hockey pitches in Singapore certified by FIH for International Hockey Tournaments
• Ample parking spots available

Sengkang Water Park
Sengkang Hockey Stadium
Kayaking at Sengkang Riverside Park

Sengkang’s Best-kept Food Secrets
Think the best food spots are only in Jalan Kayu or Punggol? Think again. Sengkang is full of underrated gems tucked away in corners and under HDB blocks.

There’s Korean hotpot and chicken rice balls, all-day waffles with smoked salmon and Iberico pork dons, and feel free to add caviar, foie gras and truffle on the side. These options and more are all within walking distance, plus you skip the queues and exorbitant prices that often come with the hype.

Want more? We even pick out bites open 24/7 and where you can get your caffeine fix whether it’s a smooth latte or kopi-gao-gao you’re craving for. Keep these on your radar and it’ll be a long time before you find yourself venturing far away from home to satisfy that rumbling tummy.

O’My Kampong
Here’s where you can find the closest to the authentic kampung-style dining experience, with open-air dining, a Kek Ai Provision Shop selling tidbits, games and toys of nostalgic, and traditional Singaporean fare such as a humongous Kampung Chicken Rice Ball Platter, Nasi Lemak, Curry Chicken, Ngo Hiang, and Satay. A menu catered to kids is also available, along with desserts and drinks like Burbur Cha Cha, Ginger Gao Lat, and Gula Melaka Kopi.
Where: 50 Anchorvale St, S544834

Citrus Bistro
This halal-certified bistro by the pool has a large alfresco area where you can enjoy a full menu containing classic favourites such as Curry Chicken and Seafood Aglio Olio, BIG boss burger sandwiching thick juicy beef and mutton patties between toasted charcoal buns and oozing chunky satay sauce, and seasonal offerings like Beef Rendang Baked Rice and Laksa Pasta. Round your meal off with Instagrammable Mighty Milkshakes bursting and toppings, and snacking options for those pecky after a long swim. Diners get free entry into the sports complex and enjoy 1-for-1 lunch deals on weekdays, and can host birthday parties at the lovely breezy space for gatherings up to 55 people.
Where: 57 Anchorvale Rd, Sengkang Swimming Complex, S544964

Bowl & Grill
The rare find offers “happiness bowls”, which are essentially healthy build-your-own-bowls at unbelievable prices. Think Grilled Salmon, Steak or Chicken Cutlet with Nacho Cheese atop bases like teriyaki soba, aglio olio, rice or salad. And with a wobbly onsen egg and for the price of $5 to $7! Grills and burgers will also please those looking for variety, along with sides to share like Cheese Takoyaki and Truffle Popcorn Chicken.
Where: 267 Compassvale Link, S540267

Michin Korean BBQ & Hotpot
Save this if you’re a big meat lover, bulking up, or just plain hungry. The selection of free flow marinated meats here including Black Pepper Chicken, Shoyu Pork, Spanish Iberico Pork Shabu Shabu Belly, Garlic Beef Slice, and Garlic Pork Collar, and premium meats like and Australian Wagyu Shabu Shabu Slice at a price top up will satisfy the biggest meat cravings. Not a meat eater? Go for the fresh seafood selection of clams, mussels and lobster balls. They also have over 30 vegetables and sides and a total of six soup bases to pick from, including Kimchi, Mala, Tom Yum, Ginseng, Seaweed and Collagen.
Where: 473 Fernvale St, #01-05, S790473

Armenian Street Char Kway Teow
Fans of the favourite fried flat-noodle Singaporean dish should already be acquainted with Armenian Street Char Kway Teow, which is one of the last standing stalls helmed by first-generation hawkers and has been running since 1949. In addition to the prerequisite wok hei, crunchy pork lard pieces and lashing Chinese sausages, bean sprouts, chives, cockles and egg, you’ll find here the difference that comes from having the pork lard rendered fresh daily and the chye poh mixed with garlic for extra flavour.
Where: Blk 303 Anchorvale Link, S541303

Sengkang Square Oyster Omelette
Affordable without skimping on fresh ingredients like prawn and oysters, it’s no wonder that this halal-certified stall is always with a big crowd from morning till night. Don’t just come for their oyster omelette. The rest of their menu including hokkien mee, fried carrot cake, char kway teow and barbequed wings is also consistently good.
Where: 10 Sengkang Square, S544829

Food That Doesn’t Sleep In Sengkang

Sick of instant noodles? Find hot food at Chef-in-Box made by real chefs to be fresh and tasty. Its gourmet fare like Paella with Salmon Patty and Black Pepper Sauce and Thai Choo Chee at unbelievably affordable prices ($3 to $6). There’s also freshly squeezed orange juice at $2 a pop and various snacks savoury and sweet for 4am cravings.
Where: 320C Anchorvale Drive, S543320

Kopitiam Square
This is a 24/7 kopitiam with over 50 stalls for your pick. Enough said.
Where: 10 Sengkang Square, S544829

Happy Hawkers
Want variety? Here’s where you’ll get choice from Ban Mian to Thai food, Nasi Lemak to Roasted Duck, even thick fluffy Kaya Toast and Lor Mee, at anytime of the day.
Where: 267B Compassvale Link, S542267

Good old McDonald’s never fails, and the one right by Sengkang Sports Centre is perfect after late night runs, cycling trails, and hockey matches. There’s also McCafe and a dessert kiosk for those looking for sweet treats and coffee.
Where: 57 Anchorvale Rd, #02-03, S544964

All The Coffee You Ever Need
In need of a caffeine fix? We know how it feels. Whether it’s a creamy smooth brew or kopi-gao-gao you’re craving for, here are 3 levels of coffee shiokness within walking distance.

ATAS: Jewel Coffee
With multiple branches across the city, Jewel Coffee is a favourite choice for its reliable smooth brew and tantalising collection of western favourites and sandwiches. Peckish? Must-tries include Chicken Puff, Brioche French Toast, Seared Salmon Fillet and Meatball Pasta.
Where: 1 Anchorvale St, #01-36, S544835

SHIOK: Food Paradise Coffee Shop
Coffee at $0.50? At more than half the average price at local kopitiams, the shiokness of the deal will make even the blackest kopi-o-kosong taste sweet.
Where: Blk 417 Fernvale Link, #01-01, S790417

RELIABLE GO-TO: O’Coffee Club Xpress
This place is a lifesaver in many ways: daily morning kopi runs, affordable and quick lunch sets, a place to take a breather in the midst of a full errand-running day. The quiet oasis offers multiple single-origin coffee brews and teas, along with a full food menu and snacks. A specialty is their all-day breakfast Belgian waffles, with either sweet toppings like Gula Melaka Cream or savoury add-ons like Smoked Salmon, Mangalica Bacon, and Scrambled Eggs.
Where: 110 Sengkang E Way, #02-02, S544886

Sengkang Riverside Park

• 12-min walk (900m) to Nan Chiau Primary School
• 11-min walk (900m) to Sengkang Sports (Swim, Hockey)
• 10-min walk (800m) to Sengkang Community Club
• 10-min walk (800m) to Skool4kidz Campus @ Sengkang Riverside Park
• 2 to 5-min walk (170m) to Sengkang General Hospital
• 12-min walk (900m) to Sengkang Library, Cold Storage @ Compass One

Skool4kidz Campus at Sengkang Riverside Park
Sengkang Riverside Park

Kicking off to a bright future
Dreams start early at OLÁ. With a special partnership with Real Madrid Foundation Football School in Singapore, soccer fans can start realising their football dreams even before moving in.*

About OLÁ x Real Madrid
Foundation Football School
Football to Spain is like Tennis to France. With the sport enjoying top popularity in the country, it’s no wonder that many players make it to the Top 100 worldwide, and four from Real Madrid C.F. in the Top 20. Real Madrid Foundation Football School is Singapore’s premier football academy owned and run by members of Real Madrid C.F.. Experienced and highly-qualified trainers from Spain bring the same football training methodology used in Real Madrid training base to hone kids and youths in both technical and soft skills.

What you need to know

Tip One: Owned and run by Real Madrid C.F. members and technical directors

Tip Two: Dedicated training according to ability, from beginner to advanced

Tip Three: Coaches who place a strong emphasis on developing good values and character

Tip Four: Applies the same football training methodology used in Real Madrid training base in Spain, designed to hone technical skills and develop vision and decision-making abilities

Tip Five: Various locations during training that offers flexibility and variety in training grounds

Did You Know?
There are multiple football pitches in Sengkang open to public use!

Sengkang Fitness Schedule
Leading an active lifestyle doesn’t require paying thousands for fancy yoga studios or carrying heavy shoes and gear all day to gyms in the CBD. A 50m pool and fully-equipped gym at your doorstep, and a 26km-long PCN North Eastern Riverine Loop (p.58) offering multiple running and cycling routes makes fitness easy to fit into your everyday. Want more? Within walking distances are classes from salsa to boogie bounce, yoga to piloxing, even professional outdoor boot camps. There’s no end to what you can explore.

“Love is the most important thing.”
– Eva Armisén

Live Smart
There’s a new narrative to living smart. More than productivity apps and quick wi-fi, smart living for the future uses technology in a way that understands your daily life. Like to sleep in a dark room, and wake up to morning light without getting out of bed? Have too many keys in your pocket? Often have parcel deliveries and no one at home to receive them?

Living in a smart home means you can have your window blinds roll up automatically at 7am, and a door that recognises your fingerprint. It means being able to return to a pre-cooled home after a long day out in the sweltering sun. It is also about knowing that your home is safe and secured with monitoring and security devices.

Living smart with OLÁ feels easy, and feels like how it always should be. Here at OLÁ, you’ll find yourself living the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Say hello to your new spark of life here with OLÁ.

OLÁ: Your Smart Home
Powered by Samsung SmartThings

SmartThings Hub
• Control and monitoring wherever you are through your mobile
• The brain of the connected smart devices Smart Digital Door Lock
• Enjoy security and convenience at one touch
• Open the doors to safety and convenience Climate Control IR Hub
• Return home to a cool welcome after a walk in the sweltering sun with Sensibo Climate Control

Smart Hub Samsung SmartThings Hub
The Smart Hub by Samsung SmartThings allows you to monitor, control and schedule every smart device at home, from the air conditioning to the smart digital door lock. Through the app, you will also be able to monitor movements in your home, adjust the lights, or track any water leakages when you add smart devices.

Smart Digital Door Lock by Samsung
It’s time to ditch your keys. With Samsung’s smart digital door lock, you can choose between fingerprint authentication, digital number codes, or even your mobile app to have your door unlocked. Extra security features like double authentication and anti-theft modes ensures peace of mind.

Climate Control IR Hub by Sensibo
Say goodbye to chunky aircon remotes and dead batteries situations. With Sensibo Climate Control, you can control aircon temperatures at home from your mobile app. Best of all, you can set when to have the air conditioning on and off according to your schedule.

No need to get off your couch.
Play music on your speakers, change the temperature settings on your aircon, and have motorised balcony blinds controlled from wherever you are at home. Living Smart with OLÁ allows you to control compatible devices on your mobile phone via apps.

Save the environment while reducing your bills.
Smart plugs allow you to conserve electricity and have wireless control of your power devices. Not at home? Simply schedule the power supply or air conditioning according to when you’ll be at home, and have it automatically switch off to save on electricity.

But forget your keys.
The smart digital door look means you won’t need to add another key to the many others bulking up your wallet. With your fingerprint, you don’t even have to remember another passcode or worry about intruders entering your home.

You’ll have all the data of your connected devices at home, all on your mobile. This means you’ll always know what’s happening at home even if you’re overseas through cameras and motion sensors.

Unexpected visitor or movement at your doorstep? Worried about your kids opening windows they shouldn’t be? Living Smart with OLÁ allows you monitor your home against unwelcomed guests and activity, so you would always have peace of mind wherever you are.

Smart Living at Home
This is how living in OLÁ gives you a smart lifestyle
Powered by Legate Lifestyle

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the balcony blinds roll up or down without getting off your couch, control natural light and temperature and even the humidity at home? Yes, you can now enjoy convenience at your fingertips in your home today with OLÁ’s partnership with a trusted and known Singapore brand, Legate Lifestyle. Here are the other products you can enjoy with Legate, and the options to customise and expand the possibilities of smart home living.

Smart Blinds
Want to take a nap in the middle of the day, or love waking up to sunlight? OLÁ’s smart blinds can be controlled without you even needing to get off your couch. You can control your blinds to have it up or down using your mobile phone and even schedule it to suit your family’s lifestyle.

Smart Dryer
Never have to worry about hanging your laundry outdoors. The smart dryer allows you to activate the system’s function remotely, giving you convenient control right from your pocket. With things simply just a tap away, you’ll never have to worry about leaving your clothers to the mercy of unpredictable weather again.

Robotic Vacuum
Keeping a house clean is hard work and time-consuming. Spend time on what matters more to you, and enjoy the bliss of returning to a clean home with a smart vacuum robot. Schedule cleaning according to your needs, whether it’s several times a week or once a day right before you get home. Come back to a clean home without lifting a finger, as it should be with a smart lifestyle.

3-in-1, Smart Aroma Diffuser
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A family at the dinner table. Image by Eva Armisén.

How to make a house your own
Tips from Spanish Artist Eva Armisén

  1. Know what home means to you.
    My home is where I don’t need to pretend or feign anything. It’s like having true friends around you, the unconditional and very few people you can be comfortable with. The concept of home goes beyond a physical space — it is also a state of tranquility. My house must be a space where trust reigns, together with my family. Together, we observe what we like to do and work out how we can reflect it in the space in which we live in, combining private and common areas where we are comfortable together.
  2. Work with the elements of the physical structures and elements.
    I like to combine old and modern elements in my houses. My house in Barcelona was built in the beginning of the 20th century and I kept some of the original elements such as doors, balconies and old tile floors. I also like to bring the outside into my home. I think that connecting and being part of the natural landscape gives me peace and happiness.
  3. Let your childhood and influences build the character of your home organically.
    I try to surround myself with meaningful things. These could be beautiful object that inspire more beauty, or memories that make me connect with what I love but cannot physically with me, like my childhood. Sometimes I look at a sugar bowl from the 70s and I am automatically on vacation in Galicia with my parents and sister, smelling the sea, feeling the humidity on the sheets, the summer loves…

    I also believe that all Spanish have had at some point a Lladró piece in their homes. My mother has a couple of young ladies in a showcase, while my grandmother also owned a few. I like how Lladró has learned to approach contemporary art while combining a magnificent tradition with today’s life.
  4. Don’t forget nature.
    I had always thought I was very urban and could never live outside the city. But I fell in love with this house in Sant Quirze, and living here has made me find a part of me which I didn’t know about before through contact with nature here, which I love.

    Seeing green from the window, a tree, a bird and the blue sky even when I am in the city is inspiring. Even though I’m always working and running around and I don’t have time to go for a walk and enjoy it, it’s close by and I’m constantly looking at it. Nature now plays the part of the protagonist in my study, and I keep the windows huge to flood the space with light, trees and animals.

Craftsmanship and Care
Creating a beautiful home requires time and patience. Every element in OLÁ is inspired by the intricate details and impeccable craftsmanship found in artisan objects, much like the awe-inspiring chandelier in the Casa Club. It is only in carefully balancing colours, materials, textures and shapes that a space can be transformed into a home.

And in the same way how ideas come to sculptors, potters, painters and artists, the process of designing OLÁ is also one that stems from the heart. The final masterpiece is a home that lives and grows with you.

Image above and on the right by Lladró.

The Niagara Gold Chandelier
Imagine returning each day to the golden cascade of light and wonder, made up of 300 handmade butterfly fairies, delicately lit by state-of-the-art light optics to cast magic light around the Casa Club. Designed to take your breath away, the exquisite dance of fairies between light is one that delights the senses in a moment where time seems to stand still. The rest of the day flits away, leaving behind a day of possibility ahead, to explore, discover, and experience.

Image above by Lladró.

Here at OLÁ, we believe in coming home to inspiration. With every step you take into the architecture designed with care, passion and attention to detail, you know you’re home.

Each of the 300 porcelain fairies are handmade by local artisans from Spain and affixed to the chandelier through silvery fiber-optics to create the illusion of fairies dancing in midair. Image on right by Lladró.

Designing OLÁ
The Inspirations Behind OLÁ

Ng Hoe Theong, the director at AGA Architects, shares in an exclusive on how the architecture and design of a place affect the way you live your life and create a home.

Q. What are the inspirations behind OLÁ?
Unlike other developments, one can find in OLÁ multiple influences of the Spanish culture, such as the warmth of family and love, the quality of craftsmanship, and the ways of living an inspired life. One of the things that also stood out was the value of creating a strong community, and this is something we worked to reinforce in OLÁ by designing spaces that bring people together and create the traction for community to emerge.

Q. How does architecture and design create these spaces?
The interplay of architecture and design is key to creating meaningful and inclusive social spaces. There must be the right dynamic between people, architecture and the environment. OLÁ is also a unique case where there’s dialogue between the brand and aesthetics of Lladró and Eva Armisén’s art. We had to reinforce this dialogue by designing spaces that facilitate this dynamic between people, architecture and the environment.

Q. And how did you and your team go about doing this?
We used the ideas of community behind Spanish philosophies to inform the way we looked at ways to design spaces that brought about community in an organic way. To do this, we incorporated a threedimensional approach for dynamism, creating elevated gyms and details quite different from the typical flatness of other developments. Details in the wall and railing motifs and colours influenced by abstract art add liveliness.

Q. What are some of the design and spatial elements you’ll look out for in your own home?
I look for spatial organisation and layouts with clean geometry that facilitates flexibility in furnishing. This gives me space to design the details in my own home. I look for a sense of lightness that comes from having overall spaces naturally lit. This lets the interior exude light calmness. I also look for attention to details in the selection of finishes, appliances and carpentry works.

Q. What are your favourite elements of OLÁ?
OLÁ gives you a home designed to be innately alive. Here, you won’t find a home designed in a boring and vanilla way. And Sengkang, being a green and lovely neighbourhood, creates the background landscape that is intimate in scale and serene in nature. There’s a lot of life that is not artificial, but breathing. There’s a lot of light.

Q. What are some elements homeowners can look forward to in OLÁ?
They can look forward to living in a dynamic space that creates a community in a way that embraces people. Think spacious grounds populated with communal recreational spaces, an abundance of greenery, and an environment that offers calm, life, and animation. From layout to refined finishes, everything is designed to be practical yet stylish, providing the space to bring the experience of everyday life to greater heights.

Hoe Theong’s tips to homeowners:

  1. Look out for a good environment of the development. It will be what supports your everyday life when you move into the development, and create a good quality of life.
  2. Take note of the spatial layout of the apartment, and avoid layouts with odd corners which may make it more challenging to furnish your place. Try to find layouts that allow an abundance of natural light and ventilation into the apartment.
  3. Pay close attention to the selection of material finishes and
    carpentry. Ensure they don’t look dated and dampen the overall mood of the interior spaces.
Ecoplan Asia — Landscape architect’s drawing
Ecoplan Asia — Landscape architect’s drawing

“The simplest things give me ideas.”
– Joan Miró

Casa Club & OLÁ Grand Lobby
Love coming home? You’ll love it even more at OLÁ with the welcome of the towering archways at the entrance, structured upon an exclusively designed motif. Your reception is complete with a long gilded driveway, a cosy waiting cove on the upper tier for family and guests, and the iridescent glow from OLÁ’s cascading fairy chandelier. It’s home.

Forestal Cove & Lagoon Hall & Grand Pavilion
Spend lazy afternoons lounging at one of the multiple pavilions that offer spaces of rejuvenation and rest for everyone. Surprise your loved one with a prepared picnic at sunset by the pool, enjoy weekends full of games and fun with your family with six pools and green landscapes, or simply take an idyllic afternoon to yourself. Let your thoughts drift with the tinkling of water and watch the clouds pass in the sky. You might just find the perfect spot to catch the nap you need.

Culinary Cabana & Event Cabana
Why limit yourself to hosting in your house? With cabanas designed to entertain gatherings for every mood and occasion, there are so many ways you can throw a party. Whether it’s for your child’s birthday, a special celebration, or a summer pool party, you’ll find hosting a breeze with all the facilities you need at hand. Home is right next door, so no worries about prepping food and sangria the day before. And with the gorgeous poolside setting, you won’t even need much for decoration.

Cielo Bar & Grill Station
It’s always better with a view. Bring your party up a notch and dazzle your guests with your bartending skills at Cielo Bar. Of course, there’s no wine without dine, so channel your inner Jamie Oliver with the fully-equipped grill bar and let the meat and seafood sizzle. With the panoramic view as the backdrop to your party, your only worry might be how to get guests to leave when it’s time.

Familia Plaza
Expand your horizons of play and imagination at the Familia Plaza, the best spot to get a bird’s eye view of home. You’ll discover a new perspective on the nooks and crannies of OLÁ — spot the enchanting dance of the lit fairies in the Lladró chandelier from Valleys of España, and the butterflies nestling within the gardens in Paradise Glen. You might even hear laughter from the pools in Mystic Falls or spot a dog having its walk in Fiesta Walk. There’s always something new to see for everyone.